Dr. Dansereau is the first and currently the only TMS provider in Louisiana that is offering the FDA cleared TMS treatment of OCD.

OCD is characterized by unreasonable thoughts and fears (obsessions) which may lead to repetitive behavior (compulsions).

OCD can severely affect one’s daily life and routines and cause distress or even functional impairment. Although medication and psychological interventions are available, some OCD patients experience limited results and need more therapeutic options like TMS.

TMS for OCD uses short magnetic pulses to target the exact areas in the brain that are affected by OCD. Clinical studies have demonstrated that repetitive magnetic stimulation over these areas is safe and effective for the adjunct treatment of OCD.

How Long does it take?

A full treatment course lasts 6 weeks with one 18 minute session per day for 5 days a week.

What does TMS feel like?

You sit in a comfortable chair in a relaxed position. When the magnetic pulses are delivered, you hear a clicking sound and feel a tapping sensation on your head that is not painful.

What is the likelihood that TMS will help improve my OCD?

Clinical studies report a 45% response rate at one-month follow-up after treatment.

Are there any side effects to TMS for OCD?

No. Like TMS for depression there are no systemic side effects. It is possible to have a mild headache immediately after treatment, but this tends to happen only in the first week of treatment if at all.

Can TMS for OCD be done in combination with medications or behavioral therapy?

Yes! In fact we encourage patients to continue to do any other treatments that they are finding helpful and are without side effects.

Are you a potential candidate for TMS?