Professional Referrals

The TMS Center of New Orleans is also available to patients who are currently being treated by a modality other than TMS, e.g., medication, psychotherapy.

If you are currently treating a patient and you would like to add TMS to your patient's treatment regimen, the TMS Center of New Orleans will see your patient for TMS only. You will continue to see your patient as you regularly would both during and after TMS treatment. Patients who have some response to medication do best when they remain on their medication while undergoing TMS. There are very few medications that are contraindicated in TMS.

If you have any patients that you think may be a good candidate for TMS, please have them call the TMS Center of New Orleans for a brief phone consultation. If the phone consultation shows they may be a good candidate for TMS, we will schedule them for an in-person assessment. TMS is ideal for your patients who have not achieved remission with three or more medication trials either due to poor response or intolerance to side effects. There are no common systemic side effects from TMS. TMS has robust remission and response rates for depression and OCD. Conservative estimates from published studies show a 60% response rate and a 33% remission rate in patients who have failed up to four adequate antidepressant medication trials.

If you are a healthcare provider and you have any questions about TMS, please contact us and we will gladly answer any questions you have.




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